Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Room Before / After

I would first like to pose a forewarning before you read this post: This is my first blog of this type and I didn't think about having matching Before / After angles in my photos.  You'll have to forgive my first unfortunate attempt and trust that any further before / after photos will give you the same angles for both pictures so that you can have a clearer idea of what the situation was / is about.

So, on that note.

When I first came home from Switzerland I was greeted first by my parents at the airport (yay!) and second by my old room looking somewhat like this:

 Please take note of the necklaces tacked to the wall, the box of clothes on the floor, that quilt plus the other quilt, plus the red blanket, the cluttered closet, the shelves full of DVD's, books, who knows what, ect. All that compounds of the stuff you can't see in these pictures, the dust and the carpet... oh me oh my, horrendous.
 These pictures were taken literally a few days after I returned as you can tell from the luggage still unpacked in the hallway.  Most of this wreck was probably from me but also from my family using my room as a semi storage room for my sister's unwanted things.  (Sorry Jennie, but come on... it's true).  I wish I had taken a window shot but if you can visualize it the window is on the left wall in the picture above.  Behind me in the picture below.
 Before I left I was feeling a sincere desire to improve my piano skills and so I moved the piano from the basement to my room which there was just no room for.  Needless to say, it is now back in the basement.  My first thought was to just live with the mess while I saved up some money to redo it.  No need to rush, except after about what felt like weeks but in reality was probably only a few days I decided I needed to do something about the room situation.  I wanted to redo it in a way that would be functional, organized and a little chic (I did just return from Europe) but at the same time I didn't want to spend much money since this isn't a permanent living situation.  I set my budget for $200 and here's what I was able to accomplish!
 I really like this angle to the room.  I moved my bed to this wall and although I would prefer to have a nightstand and to not have my bed touching a wall on the side, there just isn't enough room for it in this space.  It does annoy me that the desk isn't centered under the window but I really enjoy being able to look out it (at the chickens) when I'm at my computer.  I also moved my printer out of the room (since I have to get it fixed anyway).  I invested in 2 fabric lined baskets for my shelf tower which have made such a difference!  Just go back and look at it in the before pictures!  I added white curtains and a silver rood that's tiny enough for my low ceilings.  I also made a necklace organizer which I'll blog about in more detail later.
 Here's another view.  Isn't that light teal quilted comforter much better than the quilt that was on the bed before?  It's actually a duvet that my sister had in college and wasn't using so I put it on my bed.  It goes really well with pillows I also had leftover from my college days.  If you're observant you might have also noticed that I'm 1.  using a piano bench as a desk chair and 2.  The lamp shade is different.  I was really into purple in high school and college (and still like it) but the previous shade was just too dusty and teeny bopper that I had to pick up a new one from Target.
 Here's an angle that you will see again soon because I've altered it further.  You'll have to wait for that though.  In this picture I've painted a new shelf that we had in the basement a fresh coat of white.  I do honestly hope that it stays on the wall due to the amount of weight that it's holding currently.  Side-note: Does anyone have any suggestions on perfume storage?  I am a bit of a perfumeaholic and have so many but like to switch it up a lot.  Any ideas or things that have worked for you?
 Here's another view of this wall.  You can see my new earring holder that I've made and will go into more detail soon.  I also have a HUGE collection of scarves that really needs to be dealt with.  Does anyway have any ideas?  Do you hang your scarves like this or put them in a drawer?
Here's what I did with the wall that the piano used to be on.  I originally wanted to buy an expedit shelving from Ikea (which you can see HERE) but when I was at Target I found this guy for half the price of the Ikea shelf.  I'm still not quite sure if I should have waited until I was going to Ikea to just suck it up and spend more money or go with this one which I'm pretty satisfied with anyway.  Have you ever paid less for something that you wanted the more expensive version?  I'm definitely guilty of doing that many times but more often it's with clothing.  On this wall, I still want to make my own dry erase board, put a shelf up, take down or repaint that mirror (although, there are some gems hot glued on there that won't budge) and do something about the scarf situation.  It's still a work in progress but I'm much happier with it like this than before.
Here's a picture of the one wall that I've placed the beginnings of a frame gallery.  Eventually I'd like to have more frames and put them closer together as well as get rid of the dry erase calendar.  I like how my European art looks all together with some of my photography and quotes!  If you'd like to see more of the pictures above in a Before / After format just click on Before / Afters under my banner at the top of the page.

Has anyone else wanted to redo a space they couldn't spend a lot of money on?  What about tips for perfume or scarf storage?  I feel like they're both just taking over the space.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Brittany. I stumbled upon your blog before you left Switzerland, but I like the new angle of this blog. I can't believe you spent only $200 on your room. Great job! For the scarves, I have a similar problem, but found that the back-of-the-door hangers works. Bed, Bath and Beyond or other stores like it should have them. They also have them for purses, hats and so on.

    As for the perfume, I have the same problem. I currently just have them on display on my dresser. If you figure out a better solution, you'll have to let me know.

  2. Thanks for commenting Becca! I'd like to do a budget breakdown on this project and probably will still I just have to remember what all I bought and how much it was since I'm terrible at saving receipts. I currently have my scarves on a back of door hanger that I've just nailed to the wall hah. I might have to think about moving it to the back of the door though now that I got rid of my back of door shoe thing... hmm...

    I'll definitely post if I find a better way to store my perfume! I'd prefer to do something different though than just putting them in a box hah. Thanks again!