To Do List

We all have to do lists, whether they're mental ones, nagging errands you have to get done or things to be done in a distant future.  This is my fun filled, optimistic, enjoyable to do list!  Some of these are projects I want to do while others are more life oriented.  This list is sure to change and be added and I'll link to the blogs I write once things are completed.  You'll see...

Go without dairy for a week
Lose 10 pounds
Run another 5K
Run a 10K
Compete in a triathlon
Complete Jullian Michael's 30 Day Shred
Go without chocolate for a week
Be pasta free for one month
Be meat free for one month
Be able to do a split
Learn a new recipe every week for 5 weeks
Complete 20,000 Calorie Challenge
Complete 2-week Special K Challenge 

Take a Photography Course
Move to my own place
Host a dinner party
Take a road trip
Find a "real" job
Volunteer Somewhere (again)
Go 1 week without TV
Paint a piece of art (again)
Start Grad School
Take a self-defense class
Go horseback riding
Go Skydiving
Finish Bible Reading Project
Go a month without buying clothes
Go a month without eating out
Go a week off facebook
Buy a car
Plan a party or event
Read the Constitution
Go to a baseball game again
Go to a fair again
Mail a care package to a service member
Make my own Halloween Costume
Tailgate at a football game
Go camping again
See the Pacific Ocean
Drive a Jet Ski
Go a whole month without having alcohol
Buy and then rock a sequin skirt

Get 20 Followers
Reach 1000 Hits
Reach 10,000 Hits
Link projects up with other blogs
Create an Etsy shop of my prints
Create a photography page
Get featured on another blog
Be linked on another blog
Create a Banners Tutorial

Purchase a new camera lens
Buy a bed
Get a massage with a friend
Buy a whole outfit just because I love it

DIY / Organizing
Make a T-Shirt Quilt
Sew another dress
Organize stud earrings
Picture Frame Dry Erase Board
Beach Shell Frame
Organize a room for a friend
Wardrobe Purge
Get rid of old beauty products