Monday, June 13, 2011

Otto - Woman

Many people might find this strange but for some reason I was seriously craving an ottoman (or Otto-woman) storage bench in my room.  Anyone else have one of these in their rooms?  I had a corner by my dresser that was awkwardly spaced between my desk and shelving stand that I thought would be the perfect place for a nice faux leather ottoman.  I was almost going for a mini mudroom look but in a corner.  Wait.  That does sound pretty ridiculous but just go with me on this.  Here is the corner Before:
 I knew that I wanted to get the ottoman for that corner but used the plastic drawers to hold some clothes until 1. I Decided on something else, 2. The ottoman went on sale or 3.  I moved out!  Well, number 2 came first and as soon as I saw that the ottoman had gone from $80 to $65 at Target I jumped on it (the sale, not the ottoman, although there was definitely some he-man (or woman) action going on at the store getting it off the shelf).  So here she is all decorated and lovely!
 Yes, my shelving stand does intersect it there which is quite annoying but it's certainly a step up from the plastic drawers and it holds all my t-shirts, and some bags and blankets!  The best part is that I will be able to use this in my next place (perhaps not in the bedroom, although I've seen many an ottoman at the foot of beds).  Here's a different angle.
 See?  It doesn't look that bad... and it's cute beneath the shelf although some long handmade canvas art might look good above it too... hmm..  Here's the lovely Before / After picture for you to check out!  (Don't forget to click on Before / Afters in the menu bar to see more pictures!)
What do you think?  Anyone else have interesting ways of storing things?  What about a mini mudroom in a bedroom?  I'm just going to say that's the first you've heard of that...?  Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!

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  1. That ottoman looks great! We have a small ottoman I found at Goodwill for 5 bucks that we store blankets and sheets for guests in (since our couch is a pull-out) and yes, I think an ottoman like that would look great at the foot of a bed :)

  2. $5 is a great deal!!! I should go check out goodwill more often! Gotta wait till I get an apartment though, can't keep putting random furniture in my room haha.