About This Blog

Welcome to my new room / self / life improvement blog!  I recently announced the opening of this blog in late May / early June 2011 and am pretty excited about what I'll be blogging!  Anyone who knows me well (or follows me on facebook), knows that I love a good countdown!  In fact, I have had a countdown widget on my computer counting down to the nearest fun thing that's going to happen probably since last July.  I'm also a fan of getting things done. I generally always have some form of a to do list going on (who doesn't love crossing things off a list... especially with dry erase markers).  I'm also a big goals oriented fan.  It's safe to say I'm optmistic about the opportunity to keep my life organized.

I've just returned from a year abroad as an aupair.  I lived in Geneva, Switzerland where I met new friends and traveled around Europe having many of the greatest experiences of my life!  I kept a blog on that experience HERE.  While in Europe I had a lot of free time to peruse the internet, especially blogs on organizing and home renovations on the cheap.  Those peaked my interest in the subjects and now I'm an organizing addict.  The minute I returned home I started organizing all of my things that hadn't been touched since high school or before.  You can read more about me HERE.

One thing I've noticed with most of the blogs I've become followers of is the lack of an under 25 crowd.  Perhaps it's because of the lack of a home, funds or interest but hopefully I'll find others out there who love to decorate and beautify even without the house, husband and baby on the way lifestyle quite yet.  This blog will cover things that I create, make, organize or am looking forwards to in my life.  I'll list some of the things that I'd like to do in the next few years as well as goals I have for my life.  I'm sure they will change, be added to or deleted but I'll keep you updated as I figure them out!  

This blog is for what I do in between work, the gym, church and my other hobby, writing high school marching band drill (you can visit that website HERE).  Enjoy!