Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just tidying up!

One of my favorite aspects of fixing up a space is it's ability to continue to change and become better!  There are always things that can be improved or re-organized!  In my room there have certainly been items that I still had on my to-do list to improve or beautify.  Three of those projects I was able to accomplish last week when I suddenly found myself with some motivation!

After my lovely DIY Dry Erase Board was born I continued on that path and was able to take my scarves off the wall where they were looking rather cluttered... here they are before.
And using an odd hanger I had in my closet (I do believe it's for ties, eh, waste not, want not) I hung them on that...
And then in my closet!  

There's such a greater sense of calm on that wall!  I have since decided to have a wardrobe purge session in the future.  I will keep you updated.  I've added that to my To-Do List among other things, so feel free to check it out!

But onwards shall we?

After removing my scarves I had a nice hanging device that I decided would help me out best on the back of my door.  I quickly took the nails out of it's original spot on the wall and started hammering them into the door which is when I noticed this...
 The nail was longer than the door.  Probably not a good idea so I quickly switched the nail for a shorter one and was left with this!
 Hooray!  Somewhere to hang my purse at the end of the day instead of putting in on the floor!  Go team!  Next I decided to tackle my ridiculous perfume collection.  I brought them off the shelves...
 Then I transfered them to one of my storage cubes which had some space since I switched out some things.  Now they are still easily available but out of sight (and my mind is at ease that the shelf won't collapse due to the weight).
 Instead I put some lightweight photo frames and a souvenir of my year in Europe!
 The last project of the day was still drying in the basement.  Remember the pink striped shelf from my "Before" pictures?  Well, now it's just white!
Doesn't it look nice above my dry erase board?  It might be a little too much white for some people but I am decorating with the intention of melding things together once I move out down the road.  Now, if I could just do something about that purple mirror...?

Anyone else having random bursts of motivation?  Aren't they fun?  

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love reorganizing and repurposing a room! Great job!